Monday, July 15, 2013

Ten Polishes for Neon Pink Nails

My friend, Kathryn, recently showed up wearing this neon pink nail polish and had one small complaint...

...That it wasn't neon enough. She wasn't joking. In all seriousness, neons are back from the 80's and showing up everywhere, especially in nail polish collections. These colors can be finicky to work with so most neon lovers I know advise to let nails really dry in between coats. Most dry matte in finish, easily transformed with a glossy top coat if that's not your cup of tea. For extra neon payout use a white base coat first.

This one on Kathryn is the neon pink from Absolute! Neon Nail Color. Here are nine other American-made polish options (in a range of prices) if you love this look:
Do you have any neon pinks in your nail polish collection that are made in the USA?

Disclaimer: This post contains some affiliate links.

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