Tuesday, October 21, 2014

American-Made Tuesday Links

Jeans for men, jeans for women farmers, Woolrich's new store (yipee!), Target's new American-made collaboration, NYC's hidden factories, made in Detroit, more things grown in New York, keeping the Fiesta line alive, light bulbs made in the USA, the US-made sweatshirt with a cult following, fashion for the guys that's inspired by motorcycle culture, custom New Balance, and the 2014 winners of the Martha Stewart American Made contest.

Here are 14 articles, audio, and videos you need to see if you haven't already:

Monday, October 20, 2014

Company Spotlight: Glass House Shirtmakers

Today's post is another from my friend, Xochil. She's got a killer fashion sense and is deeply committed to American clothing manufacturing, especially in her hometown of Chicago. She has some great insight as an insider in the fashion industry and will likely be contributing every now and then.

Finding clothing I love and that my husband loves is a hard task on its own, no matter the item. He’s picky about colors and how things feel, and I’m into the styling, quality, and of course the fit. If I can satisfy the checklist for both of us, plus find something that is both Made in USA and sustainably made, it’s a match made in heaven.