Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Stylish Cycling Jersey

Bicyclists, if you're looking for an alternative to loud, ad-filled, spandex clothing, I've got the answer for you. And it's all American-made.

Road Holland, founded by childhood friends Jonathan Schneider and Richard Grossman, was born when the two couldn't find cycling gear that didn't make them feel, well, ridiculous wearing it. Their performance gear, on the other hand, not only looks great, it has features that serious cyclists will love. Pockets to stash items, fabrics that wick away moisture, and bright colors in simple, wearable styles.

Although the manufacturing didn't start out in the U.S. when the company started in 2009, Road Holland soon realized that American production would be more beneficial. Says Schneider, "We made our first run in China. However, the long lead times, high minimums, and high shipping made it impractical for us to continue producing there. Fortunately, I live near Miami and there is a small but robust textile industry there. I tapped into it and, since 2011, we have been producing all of our products there with the exception of our coffee which is made in Virginia. The big news for us right now is that even our fabric for our newest jersey (The Hilversum) comes from the U.S." Smart guys.

This special edition men's jersey, The Utrecht (Red, White, and Blue), is a great way to show your U.S.A. pride with either the midnight blue or white version. It features: a classic quarter zip, three exterior back pockets and a fourth external stash compartment, reflective edging, and a silicone waist gripper. The fabric is imported from Europe: a moisture-wicking wool/polyester blend perfect for summer riding. Ladies, fear not, there are jerseys for you too.

Before you return to watching the Tour de France, be sure to take advantage of the podium sale going on right now to get 10-25% off. Ends this weekend.

(Photos courtesy of Road Holland.)

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  1. Always great to hear that the grass is not always greener overseas. -Jack A