Monday, July 22, 2013

From Head to Toe: The Beachy Stripes Outfit

My husband and I took a much-needed day at the beach to escape the heatwave last week. It was gorgeous! There is something about the ocean that just makes me feel right. The sea breeze, the sound of the waves, the smell, the refreshing ionized air. After a few hours, it just melts away any stress.

Here's what I wore to the beach:
  • A jersey knit shift dress from Fenwick (Engineered Garments/FWK) Spring/Summer 2013 line. It's so comfortable and I love all the little details: the barber stripe, the front pockets (perfect for stashing a few dollar bills for ice cream), and the drawcord hem. Available here in a navy and white stripe. Made in NYC.
  • Goorin Bros. fedora. For a little extra sun protection and to keep hair out of my face.
  • Sbicca sandals in pewter. Flip-flops, it's what summer is all about.
Don't I look nice and relaxed?

(Photo by my husband, Dan.)


  1. Definitely relaxed! Also: you really look like our side of the family in this picture...I can see a lot off Matt in your face :P