Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Grown-Up Skateboard

Growing up, almost all my friends skated. Kids built half-pipes in the garage, watched skate videos on VHS over and over again, and their skateboards became like an extension of their body. The skateboards themselves were flashy and graphic. Skateboards these days have changed a bit in shape, but the decks are still just as loud. So, when I saw these skateboards last year, I was a bit blown away by the design. It's like the skateboard that grew up, got a job, and acquired a bit of a sophisticated palette. Much like those same friends I grew up with.

Friday, July 25, 2014

American-Made Friday Links

Some recent news in the world of American-made: kitchen items, bike helmets, stuff for kids and babies, Brooklyn, Chicago, the American salmon fallacy, a tour of a NYC Garment District sewing studio, an LA shop with made-in-America items for guys, why iPhone will not be part of American manufacturing, fake 'Made in USA' labels (yep, apparently it's a thing), the FTC getting strict on those labels, the most 'American' companies, and more.

Here are 16 articles and videos you need to see if you haven't already:

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bandana Fana Fo Fandana

I recently made good use of my decades-old bandana while walking the rim trail at the Grand Canyon. This little piece of fabric can be used as a furoshiki (to transport items), headband, pocket square, and even a handkerchief. With additional uses from everything from a head or neck covering (as I have used it), to a face mask (while riding your motorcycle), a napkin, adornment for luggage or a purse, a pet neckerchief, a makeshift potholder or tourniquet (while hiking or camping), to a baby bib. They can range from classic paisley to fancy designs, from cheap to more pricey, and are great for both men and women. I found over 20 great options but have whittled it down to my favorite 13 choices for American-made bandanas.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Mix and Match Swimwear

If you wait too long to get a new bathing suit for the summer, sometimes it's too late. I knew I'd need a new one this year, so I started shopping early in the spring. Instead of buying one, though, I bought two. In reality, I ended up getting enough to wear a different bikini for over two weeks. Confused? Let me explain.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Kansas City and Hammerpress

I always like to have a souvenir from my travels that is not so blatantly a souvenir, but will always make me think of my trip when I see it or use it. I am a sucker for letterpress. So when I walked past Hammerpress studio in Kansas City, I knew I had to have some of their great prints.

This is part III of my account of my trip to Kansas City during Craft Beer Week.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

American-Made Tuesday Links

Some news from the Made in America Movement over the past few weeks: Motorola's decision to stop assembling the Moto X in the US, $500K fines for violating the Buy American Act, Walmart's struggles to meet its promise for US-made items, robotics' role in American manufacturing, American Apparel boots its founder for misconduct, Obama thinks 'Made in America' is the new DIY and the brand is stronger than ever, American-made cast iron cookware's popularity, the New Jersey bill to mandate the purchase of American-made products, Mercedes' made-in-USA milestone, American rum (America's first spirit of choice) from craft distilleries, how American manufacturing is struggling to get a foothold... except in Brooklyn, and others believe it's going to make a comeback.

"... the US is the best place to locate, the best place to invest, and the best place to hire." -- President Obama

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