Friday, July 26, 2013

American-Made Friday Links

Your end-of-the-week reading.

Here are six articles that you should read if you haven't already:
  1. From Wired (07/16/2013): "How the Tesla Model S is Made -- Behind The Scenes" [video]
  2. From Procured Design (07/19/2013): "Guest Post: Gunter Ahrendt on the Importance of Buying Local"
  3. From Huffington Post (07/19/2013): "No More Detroits"
  4. From the NY Post (07/21/2013): "Man of (Overpriced) Steel"
  5. From the Wall Street Journal (07/24/2013): "Why Retailers Don't Know Who Sews Their Clothing"
  6. From the Verge (07/24/2013): "Made in America 2.0: behind Google and Apple's sudden patriotism"
Have a great weekend!

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