Sunday, December 29, 2013

Things To Do Before the End of the Year

Call this a to-do list for the year's end. Things to do before New Year's Day:

  1. Buy your calendar for 2014. I always seem to leave this until the last minute. The Stendig calendar (shown above) usually sells out fast at certain stores, making it a tough find even in NYC. A smaller, but fun calendar: Stitch the Stars calendar, comes with glow-in-the-dark thread and a poke-and-stitch pattern for each month's corresponding zodiac sign.
  2. Plan your workout. Even though I have some new leggings, my Pilates routine is still the same. I forget, however, that those with weight-loss resolutions tend to cram the studio at the beginning of the year. I make sure to plan ahead for a month or two so that I'm not locked out of the Pilates classes that I like and can fit my schedule.
  3. Mind your money: balance the books, make year-end donations, and think about saving for some cool stuff. Yup, I checked in on my accounts (still there!). Made a few donations: to my alma mater, PBS, and a couple of organizations that I like to support. Made a wish list: I'd like to gut and replace my "vintage" bathroom, buy a new car, and travel abroad next year. Not sure if all of those things can happen, but I can think about saving for them nonetheless.
  4. Watch some movies, read some stuff, and catch up on fun activities. I love checking out the year-in-review articles with the best that the past 12 months had to offer. I like to take inventory of things I want to see, read, or do and cross a few off the list when I have a few free days for the holidays.
  5. Organize your stuff. I get pretty lofty with my goals this time of year. Every year I tell myself that I'm going to finally organize my papers, clean out the closet, and get myself on track to keeping things tidy. I really need to get my desk organized too. We'll see.


  1. I use Flylady to help me keep organized. She's got some great control journals, for teachers too!!
    I love my yoga studio. They have an early morning, 6am hot power (hatha) class. The room can fit 40, I've never seen more than 20 people.

    1. My Pilates classes have a max of seven in each class. That's one of the reasons I love them so much, but also one of the reasons they can be hard to get into.