Sunday, December 8, 2013

American-Made Sunday Links

This past week was a busy one for news about the Made in America Movement.

Here are a dozen articles and videos you need to see if you haven't done so already:
  1. From Today (12/03/2013): "Testing Wal-Mart's Made in the USA campaign"
  2. From ABC News (12/03/2013): "David Muir Makes a Push for Made in America at Christmas"
  3. From the Wall Street Journal (12/04/2013): "Try 'Made in the U.S.A.' as a 2014 Investing Theme"
  4. From Forbes (12/04/2013): "Embattled In China, Billionaire-Led Hon Hai Gets Remade In America"
  5. From Huffington Post (12/04/2013): "Celebrate Repeal Day And Made-in-New York Spirits Together"
  6. From the Frisky (12/05/2013): "Compassionate Fashion: 10 Made In The USA Basics For $100 Or Less"
  7. From Huffington Post (12/052013): "The Importance of How Its Made" -- by Michelle Valle
  8. From the New York Times (12/05/2013) "On the World’s Roads, More American Wheels
  9. From Fox News (12/06/2013): "Olympic outsourcing: Team USA snowboarders' uniforms foreign-made"
  10. From Fox Business (12/06/2013): "Support the 'Made in the USA' label this Christmas" [video] -- interview with Made in USA Certified's Julie Reiser
  11. From Packaging Digest (12/06/2013): "Survey shows shoppers prefer 'Made in the USA' products"
  12. From CNBC (12/07/2013): "Holiday shoppers have more 'Made in USA' options" -- with a nod to Sarah Wagner of USA Love List
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