Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Gifts

Wanna know what American-made gifts I bought for my family and friends? Here's the skinny.

P.S. Friends and family, no peeking.

For my husband
  • A Masonic sterling silver ring from ProLine Designs via Etsy (not shown). In addition to the square and compass, it has details of the symbolic trowel, level, and seeing eye. Handmade in Colorado.
  • Gift card for Barbershop on the Lower East Side. Shaving every day for work is not fun this time of year for guys with sensitive skin. Now, my favorite guy can get himself a luxurious shave combo. Recommended by Jennifer Coonce of James Dry Goods.
  • Shinola black shoe polish. I picked this up when I purchased my black Birdy watch

For my mom
  • A cast iron skillet from Borough Furnace. Made in Syracuse, NY. She'll be able to enjoy using this beautiful, locally-made pan for many, many years. She says she's not sure if she'll cook with it or hang it on the wall like artwork.

For my in-laws
  • 1911 Spirits Gin and Vodka. Small-batch vodka and gin distilled from apples (but not apple flavored). Delicious on its own or in a cocktail. Made just outside of Syracuse, NY at the Beak & Skiff apple orchard.
For my nephews
  • Goodnight Moon Game (not shown). Based on one of my favorite children's books of all time. With six different variations of play, that means lots of fun for both boys for a long time. Appropriate for ages 2+.
For my friends, Pilates instructors, and coworkers
  • Badger Cocoa Butter Lip Balm. Made with organic ingredients, this olive oil and cocoa butter lip balm is a bit bigger than most and come in a variety of scents. Perfect for keeping lips soft and moisturized in the winter months. Great as a unisex gift or stocking stuffer. 
(Photo courtesy of Borough Furnace.)


  1. Love this idea! I bought my dad and sister New Balance sneakers and my mom a ton of USA made socks (I swear that's what she wanted!).

    1. Nice! Which NB did you get for your sister? I am thinking about getting a new pair.

  2. The nephews love the game, I think we'll break it out this morning after I do a few chores :)