Wednesday, August 21, 2013

American-Made Wednesday Links

Your hump day reading. Lots of great slideshows and lists of products made in the USA. People and fellow bloggers in the Made in America Movement making all kinds of noise. It's been a good couple of weeks in the media.

Here are nine articles that you should read if you haven't already:

  1. From (08/06/2013): "Made in Syracuse: Cast-iron skillets that should last a lifetime (with recipes)"
  2. From (08/08/2013): "Made in NYC: 7 Homegrown Businesses That Are Worth a Trip"
  3. From Grub Street (08/09/2013): "Made in America: 16 European-Style Products Produced Stateside"
  4. From MSN Money (with a little help from USA Love List) (08/12/2013): "10 cool 'Made in USA' products
  5. From Huffington Post (08/13/2013): "18 Awesome American-Made Products
  6. From the NY Times (08/15/2013): "New York City Aims to Furnish Locally
  7. From Economix blog of the NY Times (08/19/2013): "Not Really Made in China (or the United States)
  8. From USA Today (08/19/2013): "Ad guru attacks outsourcing, seeks to save jobs" [+ video]
  9. From Fox Business (08/20/2013): "‘Made in America’ Makes Comeback as Gas, Labor Costs Fall"
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  1. Whoa, I need to start paying attention to your Links lists. These articles could keep me busy all day. What a great job you've done pulling these together! -Sarah

    1. Thanks, Sarah. And, yes, you definitely do need to start paying attention to these links posts.

  2. Great list. Adding to my reading list now. - And I agree w/ Sarah. :)