Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fall Wish List

Having my spring wish list was a great way to set priorities for things that I needed and wanted. It was really helpful for me and I've referred back to a lot over the past months, updating as I found American-made products and made purchases. While not everything got crossed off, I did find the majority of the items.

So, of course, I set out to make a wish list for fall. In addition to some basics (tank tops, tees, leggings, socks), here are the top 12 things on my fall wish list for clothing, accessories, and beauty products:
  1. Deep blue nail polish. I've been really intrigued with blue for nails for a while now. I have plenty of classic colors, time to experiment with blues. Bondi New York Starry Night (pictured above) is one I'd like. I am eagerly awaiting their Fall 2013 colors.
  2. Knits, knits, knits. I have never been one to turn down a sweater. There are so many great ones in Fall 2013 collections of The Portland Collection and Amour Vert. I want them all. Purchased this Emerson Fry raglan sweater.
  3. A sweatshirt in a more grown-up fit. One that won't look out of place paired with a skirt but still be great with jeans too. Purchased. This one from James Perse fits the bill.
  4. Sleeveless top that can be worn with some skinny jeans. For a date or a night out on the town. Black, right? Or maybe something with a little sparkle?
  5. Jewelry and a new watch. I've been in a rut with this. I wear the same earrings, necklace, watch, and rings virtually every day. How boring. So, I would like to find a couple of things to add into the rotation. Maybe some stackable rings like these from Catbird (in sizes small enough for my fingers). The watch: the Shinola Birdy.
  6. A belt. Ida from Made & Worn recently tipped me off to this leopard calf-hair one from J.Crew.
  7. Button-up shirt in something other than white or plaid. A print? Polka dots? I love this one from Tradlands but it's a bit more fitting for warmer weather and they're sold out of my size. Too late.
  8. Pants in a lightweight fabric that are serious enough to be work appropriate but cool enough to wear on weekends. I know, not super exciting. But it's something I've been needing for a while.
  9. Pants in a bright color. Maybe red like Mrs. American Made's? I have plenty in neutral shades.  I think I now need to add more daring hues to my wardrobe. I stumbled upon a sample sale in Chelsea and found these amazing AG Jean Leggings in fuchsia for a steal. (P.S. I thought these sample sale finds were only a NYC urban legend.)
  10. Long-sleeved striped t-shirt. A classic tee. Maybe something in a safe black-and-white stripe, maybe something more adventurous. I love my Amour Vert navy striped shirt.
  11. Red lipstick. Somehow I got engrossed in berry, pink, and even peachy lip colors. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) Time to make a return to red. Likely adding to my collection of NARS lipsticks. Maybe this one?
  12. A winter beanie. Cream or winter white. This fleece-lined one from American Apparel looks warm and might actually fit my petite-sized head.
Notice no shoes. Well, that could easily change. What's on your fall wish list? Any suggestions or recommendations?

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