Thursday, August 22, 2013

First Aid for Dummies

You know those days where you forget to apply sunblock to an odd-shaped triangular patch on your arm? Or you burn your hand on the tea kettle while boiling water for tea after a bad day at work? Or you scratch your leg on that same stupid corner of the coffee table? You know those dumb days?

This Fruit of the Earth aloe vera gel is the kind of thing that's good to have around for those kinds of moments. I like this stuff because it's soothing and non-irritating. No fragrance, no coloring, no alcohol, and with no animal testing. I don't even bother rubbing it in. Just slather onto the skin and let it soak in. You can also chill the bottle in the fridge when you need extra cooling relief. This 2 oz. version is perfect for throwing in your beach bag, travel bag, or first aid kit. Also available in larger sizes, for those realllly bad days.

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  1. We used this at a festival last weekend assuming is was anti-bacterial, we were sadly mistaken