Thursday, August 1, 2013

American Metal

Today's guest post is from my husband, Dan. He's a man's man. He's the kind of dude that does not mess around when it comes to motorcycles, heavy metal music, and his booze.
I rarely go anywhere without bringing water. Whether it's on the bike or on the subway, I almost always have a bottle with me. When I found out about Liberty Bottleworks, I was immediately interested. Here is a breakdown of what I've learned. 
They're made of 100% recycled aluminum, BPA free, and lined with a food-grade coating to prevent bacterial growth in the bottle. The company's commitment to America is evident in not just their materials, which they insist be American, but also their machinery. The body machine, used to make the cylinder portion of the bottle has only one twin and the government uses is to make hellfire missiles. Pretty awesome, right? Liberty Bottleworks doesn't just use military machinery, they also make a point to seek out veterans as employees. To top it off, they offer a series of bottles on their website which makes contributions to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.
Liberty offers other collections in addition to the one mentioned which feature miscellaneous artwork, transit maps, and solid colored bottles for those looking for a little less personality. The bottles come in a few sizes: 12, 16, 24, or 32 oz. The coated aluminum helps keep it cool as it won't allow sunlight into your bottle and their patented quarter-turn top is pretty awesome. It's foolproof for a guy like me. Just wait for the click and it's locked in. You can leave it upside down or sideways and it won't dump out on you! There is also a sport top option which I have yet to purchase.

Finally, where to purchase? You can pick one up directly from Liberty Bottlework's website, a retail location (like REI or Whole Foods), or be like me... I got mine on Slayer's website which features artwork from their groundbreaking album "Reign in Blood." That's a win-win. I get to support an awesome company and an awesome band.


  1. Love this!! Thanks for posting Dan you metal maven you!!! Gonna repost this on my gyms website and also let my fellow veteran buddies know. THis blog is awesome. Keep up the good work