Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Let There Be Light

I swore that I would never mention Walmart on this blog. I'm about to break that rule so that I can discuss GE's plans for an American-made light bulb. Yes, it's happening. According to GE, they will produce their Energy-Efficient Soft White light bulbs in the USA for sale at Walmart stores nationwide. Here's a look at some of the impact.

Money invested: $30 million
GE plant locations: Bucyrus, Ohio; Circleville, Ohio; Mattoon, Illinois
Number of jobs created: 150
Estimated shipping miles saved by manufacturing in the U.S.: 1.3 million
Estimated gallons of fuel not used by manufacturing in the U.S.: 206,000
Estimated pounds of CO2 emissions avoided by manufacturing in the U.S.: 4.6 million
Projected availability: Summer 2014
To be sold at: 3,400 Walmart stores

I'll admit, I was initially not thrilled about Walmart's recent announcement of their $50 billion domestic manufacturing commitment to make more American-made products to their consumers. Walmart has had a negative impact on many communities that I believe is counterproductive to the overall goals of my involvement with the Made in America Movement. But, this is something to get excited about. If companies are following Walmart's lead and choosing to reshore some of their product manufacturing to meet the demand of USA-made products, then I'm pretty stoked on what's to come of this news.

Full-size infographic (shown above): Not Gone. Just Better.
Press release: GE to Invest $30 Million, Adding 150 Jobs; GE-Walmart Announce Agreement for U.S. Manufactured Product

P.S. See more about American-made light bulbs here: An American LED Bulb?

(Infographic from GE Lighting.)


  1. I agree with your statements but if you dig and are a smart shopper you can buy many things that are Made in the USA at walmart. They are aware of it and in many ways are trying to break their old ways. Here in Greenville SC we have BMW's largest plant outside of Germany. They design and build some amazing vehicles. Many of my friends work on the design teams for things like the X5 SUV. Let me know if you're interested in learning about some badass German American auto's!

    1. I don't know if I've ever been in a Walmart.

      I love to hear from people. See my contact page for my email.

  2. This is great news, though I agree with you on Walmart. It's hard to get excited about their Made in America initiative when they have been responsible for the destruction of so many American jobs and small businesses.

    1. Exactly, Sarah. Thankfully, I am now learning that there are great light bulbs made in the USA that are available at a Walmart competitor and may actually be better. Stay tuned for a possible followup post.