Friday, August 2, 2013

Top Posts for July

What a great month for me personally! I traveled to Spain and Morocco. I survived the great heat wave of 2013. I spent some great weekends with friends and family. I got a few things done around the apartment that have been on the to-do list for years (no exaggeration).

There was lots of activity on social media this month as well. If you're not following me on Facebook and Twitter, you're really losing out on some great conversations and content that don't make it to my blog. I'm continuing to make great connections via blogging and these sites that I would not have made otherwise. It's been so much fun. Thanks.

The top five posts for July 2013 are:

5. From Head to Toe: The Beachy Stripes Outfit -- The perfect made-in-the-USA beach uniform: a striped dress, a straw fedora, and metallic sandals.
4. Powder Your Wig -- My Oscar Blandi hair powder is my answer to ensuring a good hair day.
3. Amour Vert, Fall 2013 -- The love affair with Amour Vert's Fall 2013 line is apparent.
2. Ten Polishes for Neon Pink Nails -- A roundup of ten American-made nail polishes (in a range of prices) to get on board with the neon pink trend.
1. A Stylish Cycling Jersey -- These cycling jerseys are just as patriotic as their company, Road Holland.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!

(Photo of my Stendig calendar.)

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