Sunday, March 17, 2013

Firelit, Festivities, and Facebook

San Francisco at sunset, as viewed from Alameda
My husband and I have, as least lately, been giving each other lots of food and beverage boozy gifts. I'm not sure what that says about us, but I've been liking it. It's a consumable gift. It's something we both enjoy. It's usually something we wouldn't have bought for ourselves.

Last year, while on a trip to the Bay Area, we did a distillery tour and tasting at St. George Spirits. (It's really an amazing distillery tour. I highly recommend. Bonus: catch a view of the San Francisco skyline at sunset, like pictured above.) It was then that I tasted and fell madly in love with Firelit coffee liqueur. I'm not normally into coffee liqueur, but this stuff just blew me away. If brandy and Blue Bottle coffee had a baby, this would be it. It's the pure essence of coffee in a boozy form.

Coffee heaven in a bottle
I made the quick decision not to buy a bottle while I was there. ("I can't carry it on the plane. What a hassle.") Big mistake. I wasn't able to find it in stores out here in NYC. I've been regretting my decision ever since. Thankfully, my husband made note of my non-buyer's remorse and had a bottle shipped out for my birthday this year. He planned this one waaay in advance. I think I'll celebrate by making the best White Russian that ever was. I bet The Dude would be proud.

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