Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Brand Spotlight: Osmium

Today I am linking up with USA Love List to talk about a new brand of American-made men's clothing: Osmium. A quick peek at their online lookbook tells you they have a few basic items any man would want in his closet: chino pants, button-down shirts, a knit sweater, and a few other key items. But take a closer look because this a clothing line that understands that it's allll in the details.

Their twill chino, the Departure Pant, features a tab and zip closure and has a pocket on the right pant leg, perfect for stowing a cell phone or a pair on sunglasses. Clever! Then there's the Mariner Pant, in a regular and slim version, that has.... wait for it.... a drop front with snap fasteners. That's right, no zipper. They just look so sharp. For those guys looking for a cropped-to-the-knee pant, you'll find what you're looking for with their Point Six Pant.

With Osmium's shirts, it's all about the fabric. They have a one in cotton/linen blend (Sculptor), one in a cotton/wool blend (Luthier), one in a cotton/linen chambray (Machinist), one in a seersucker (Jeweler), and one in a hearty cotton flannel (Forester). Each has their own different little details: pockets, button-down collars, side-seam gussets, but all machine-washable.

Their Helmsman Sweater comes in a 100% virgin merino wool and a classic crewneck style. It's a sweater that will never go out of style and is machine washable. The other items in their repertoire: a vest, a jacket, some Thai-inspired pants, a tee, a hat, and a belt.

It's nice to see a company that's putting forth effort to create a men's line that is timeless, well-made, and full of interesting details. Oh, and they're also a member of 1% For The Planet, a global network of companies who commit to donate 1% of sales to environmental organizations. Even better.

(Photo collage courtesy of USA Love List.)


  1. Osmium is a great brand. -Jack A

  2. Jack, would love to see you post about more of your own clothing items. Pictures! Details!