Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cheese and Crackers

Do you ever have those days where you get home and you're so hungry you can't even wait to cook? Yep, I know those well. My game plan in those situations is to stuff my face with something quickly right out of the fridge and then think about what to do next. I usually reach for some cheese and crackers.

For cheddar, a good snack favorite, I need it to be super sharp. I need it to have a creamy texture. And I need it to come in a large brick because I can eat my weight in a good cheese like this. Luckily, Cabot makes a Private Stock cheddar that one can buy in a 2 lb. brick at Costco. 

For crackers, on the other hand, I don't get too particular.  In this case, the cracker is just the delivery mechanism for the cheese for me. Nothing unsalted and I'm usually content.

My sharp cheddar is shown above on a Epicurean 8"x6" cutting board. Perfect for cutting up small fruit, a loaf of bread, or some cheese for a quick meal. Double-sided, eco-friendly, dishwasher safe, and heat resistant (which means it can be used as a trivet as well).


  1. Have I ever bought you Tillamook's special sharp cheddar? Next time you visit, I'll get you some :) ORRRR I should send you a can (yes, a can) of WSU's Cougar sharp! DELISH!!

  2. A can of cheese? I have never heard of such a thing.