Sunday, March 31, 2013

Top Posts for March

This month has been a great one for this blog. My Facebook page has been a great way to reach new readers and to interact with others. I've been learning more and more: about items made in the USA, about blogging, and about the community of which I've quietly become a member. I've been getting so much positive feedback, from friends and from strangers. Thank you to all who've been supportive and encouraging me.

The top five posts for March 2013 are:

5. Springy Watermelon -- I can thank Heidi for this one.
4. Boiling an Egg and Other Things I Can Do Now -- I'm enjoying my new kitchen and rediscovering my love for cooking.
3. Stuff I Love: Made in NYC -- My guest post for USA Love List, 10 things loved made right here in my own city.
2. Brand Spotlight: Osmium -- I linked up with USA Love List again for a quick peek at this brand of menswear.
1. IKEA, Made in the USA? -- My surprising American-made find at IKEA.

In like a lion, out like a lamb.

(Photo of my Stendig calendar.)

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