Thursday, December 18, 2014

Made in the USA Gift Guides 2014

This year, I embarked on the great task of creating some gift guides that really indicated things that I would like to give or receive.  I made them as gender-neutral as possible. In each, as well, I tried to feature at least one locally-made, made-in-NYC, or made-in-New-York-State product. I hope you enjoyed these lists of gift ideas that I created.

Just in case you need a little extra help getting that last-minute holiday shopping done, I've got a gigantic roundup of some other American-Made gift guides. In my list of other gift guides, I've tried to focus on locally-made as well. Happy Holidays!

My gift guides:

From other great sources:
  1. From Gothamist (11/18/2014): "9 Gifts To Get You (And Your Host) Through The Holidays" -- featuring many made in New York items
  2. From Modestics (11/22/2014): "American Made Gift Guide Under $30" + others
  3. From AM NY (11/25/2014): "Gift Guide: All the best that's Brooklyn-made"
  4. From the American Alliance for Manufacturing (11/25/2014): "AAM’s 2014 Made in America Holiday Gift Guide"
  5. From NY Eater (11/26/2014): "The Holiday Gift Guide for New York City Food Lovers" -- for some local NYC treats
  6. From Beads and Brass (11/26/2014): "Christmas Gift Guide :: Under $100" + others
  7. From Huffington Post (12/04/2014): "American-Made Chic Holiday Gift Ideas" by Michelle Vale
  8. From ABC News (12/04/2014): "From Candles to Toys, It's the Made in America 2014 Holiday Gift Guide"
  9. From Bobby Flay B-Team (12/05/2014): "New York's Finest (Gifts, That Is)" -- items made in NYC
  10. From EcoCult (12/09/2014): "8 NYC Markets for Locally-Made Holiday Shopping
  11. From Shana Luther (12/10/2014): "Holiday Gift Guide
  12. From the Fluff Report (12/10/2014): "Gift Guide: Made in the USA Part 2"
  13. From Maker's Row (12/11/2014): "Made in USA Holiday Gift Guide
  14. From Fashion Hedge (12/11/2014): "The Ultimate Made in USA Fashion Gift Guide"
  15. From Cool Material: "Gift Guide: Made in the USA"
  16. From Meredith Tested (12/13/2014): "2014 Gift Guide: Made in Vermont"
  17. From Crafted Magazine (12/16/2014): "Crafted Made in USA Gift Guide 2014
  18. From Loll Blog (12/16/2014): "The Lollygagger Gift Guide"
  19. Published by My Fair Vanity (12/17/2014): "My Fair Gift Guide: Holiday 2014 Edition" -- holiday gift guide of eco-friendly items and made in USA items from Amy of Beads & Brass, Heidi of Jax and Jewels, and Jill of the USA Love List.
(My homemade holiday gift tags pictured above: Made in the USA Gift Tags)


  1. Great listing for all of the Christmas gift guides for products made in USA.

  2. I loved your gift guides this year! Great variety. This is great roundup, thanks for including my gift guide!