Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Top Posts for September

A thanks to all your emails, tweets, comments, and messages in support of my work on the blog the past month. It's great getting your feedback.

The top five posts for September 2013 are:

5. Back to School! -- Some things I bought for my nephew to get him school-ready: from City Threads, American Apparel, Crayola, and Liberty Bottleworks.
4. Syracuse Ironmen -- The makers of fine hand-forged cast iron skillets. Plus, a small-world connection that is the kind of thing that happens in my hometown.
3. Friday Links -- Finally, one of my links posts got some real attention. Here, I summarized some of my favorite articles and links about things made in the USA.
2. An American LED Bulb? -- Reader Chris Bell wrote this review of Cree LED light bulbs, assembled in the USA, as a response to my post about GE's plans to reshore some of their production.
1. Emerson Fry, Fall 2013 -- The lovely looks from Emerson's fall line this year didn't disappoint. Made in NYC.

(Photo of my Stendig calendar.)

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