Monday, October 7, 2013

Laundry Day

Yesterday, I finally got around to doing some laundry that I had put off for an embarrassingly long time. Since I live in an apartment building that has community washer and dryers in the basement, it's necessary for me to have a laundry bag to carry my things down to the laundry room.

It seems like no one really thinks about the design of a good laundry bag. I find them to be mostly cheaply constructed, awkward to carry, or unattractive. I bought this Schoolhouse Electric laundry bag (no longer available?) a while ago and here are my thoughts:

Interior pocket
  • Made of sturdy cotton canvas
  • Simple, clean design
  • Exterior pockets and interior shirting pocket to store money, laundry card, or other small items
  • Duffel-style handle
  • Large opening with thick ties to easily get stuff in and out, and fasten securely
  • Size a bit too small (or maybe I just wait too long between laundry days)
  • No shoulder strap. Sometimes it's not easy for a person (especially a petite woman like me) to carry.
  • Pricey
Hopefully, Schoolhouse Electric is revamping the design, making improvements, and it will be available in their inventory again.

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