Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Leggings: Beyond the Basics

A few years ago, I solidified my love for leggings. While I have a ton of leggings for Pilates, I also have some that are just for when I want to wear something comfortable: after work, on the weekends, and when I am traveling. There are so many options for American-made basic leggings. And now there are lots of options for those who want something that's a step up from the basics.
  1. A Fine Line Kelly Pants -- Like a skinny sweatpant in a silver leopard print. Elastic waistband with a drawstring. Ribbed jersey cuffs.
  2. Mila Hermanovski Chevron Leather Leggings -- From the former Project Runway contestant, these edgy black leggings feature sheer mesh and lambskin panels in a chevron pattern.
  3. Siwy Hannah Slim Crop Leggings -- A knit legging in a vintage-style black and white pattern. Faux front and back pockets. Button closure and zipper fly.
  4. Solow Button Up Leggings -- In a black waffle-knit jersey, these have a nice button-fly detail in addition to an elastic waist. I have this exact pair and they are verrry comfy.
  5. Splendid Leggings with Faux Leather Stripe -- Sleek faux leather panels flank the sides of these black leggings. Ankle zips for a close fit.
  6. Splendid Camo Leggings -- These lightweight terry leggings have a gray camouflage print and exposed zippers at the ankle.
  7. Solow Leggings with Patches -- Textured patches on the knees and hip give these a bit of a moto-inspired feel. Charcoal heather gray.
  8. David Lerner Tuxedo Leggings -- Sporty, black with a blush stripe down the side. Split cuffs.
  9. David Lerner Faux Leather Leggings -- An faux leather legging with sleek seams to contour the leg. In an all-over sleek, rock star black.
  10. David Lerner Jodhpur Leggings -- A midweight jersey leggings have faux leather on the inside of the knees. Charcoal gray and black.
(Photos courtesy of Shopbop.)


  1. Confession: I don't own any leggings :( I just am terrified of that "leggings are not pants" situation and I am terrified that in the right light something would be more transparent than care for it to be! Remember that LuLuLemon recall a few months ago? That was bad!

    However, those Splendid leggings with faux leather sides - those could get me on board with the leggings train!

    1. I hear ya, Heidi. I was in the anti camp not too long ago. All of my Solow leggings are not see through. I think the key is the right fabric and wearing them with the right thing on top.