Thursday, April 25, 2013

American-Made Thursday Links

Here are seven links that you should check out if you haven't already:
  1. From GQ (03/14/2013): "Dropping Knowledge: The Schott Perfecto Motorcycle Jacket"
  2. From Business Week (04/09/2013): "The Case for Making Small U.S. Manufacturers a Priority"
  3. From (04/11/2013): "'Buy American' Is Still a Selling Point—If You Know How to Sell It"
  4. From MSN Money (04/18/2013): "$147 million tax break yields US-made Lexus"
  5. From WNYC New Tech City Blog (04/23/2013): "Made in America Phonebook"
  6. From Wall Street Journal (04/23/2013): "Senators Ask President Obama To Ensure That Athletic Footwear For Soldiers Is Made In USA"
  7. From NYT Economix Blog (04/24/2013): "Made in America. Craved Everywhere Else."
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