Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Master Plan

Instagram can be dangerous for people who get inspired by a picture and have.to.have.that.thing.right.now. I don't get that way about a lot of things, but nail polish is one of them.

I first spotted this color in this Instagram photo:

I mean, the whole thing is just enticing, amiright?

And just like that, off I went to buy a new polish, Essie Master Plan. I just got around to applying it last night. The first coat went on a bit streaky, but the second coat seemed to take care of that business. Voila! An opaque cement cream, light gray with a hint of taupe. A nice addition to my growing collection of neutral polishes.

Now, if anyone would like to buy me a few of those Catbird stacking rings, I'd be all set.

P.S. More details on my reprised plaid flannel outfit here.

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  1. Such a pretty color. How does this compare to Chinchilly? I think if I bring in one more greige polish my hubs will have me committed!


    1. Heidi, I hear ya. Despite all my taupe, gray, and neutral colors, I still don't have anything like it. It's lighter than than Chinchilly and I think I like it better for that reason.

  2. I too have fallen in love with this dovey light gray. There's just something so simple about it. I have yet to try it, but day.. me and that gray have a date!