Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Putting a Hex on Me

These really might have a bit of a hex on them. Regardless, I've been loving these earrings lately.

I first spotted these Sarah Loertscher stainless steel small hexagon hoop earrings with their bangle siblings at the Shinola TriBeCa store when I was purchasing my black Birdy watch. I was drawn to the geometric shape, minimalist style, and hoop profile. They seem to go with everything, aren't too heavy, and the 1¼" diameter is the perfect size. I've received lots of compliments when I wear them: at work, out at night, and even at the grocery store. While I'm pretty sure these earrings are just beautiful and fun to wear, they were also the center of a little bit of drama recently.

I wore them out to dinner with some friends in Hell's Kitchen last week. Somehow, the sterling silver back of my left earring went AWOL but, thankfully, I heard the sound as it dropped and quickly recovered it from the floor of the restaurant. I tucked the earring in my pocket until I could get a replacement earring back. Then, as I was walking to the subway with one of my friends at the end of the evening, the earring made a near-suicidal jump out of my pocket onto the street. A really observant and nice gentleman walking behind us saw me drop it (!!!), picked it up, and got my attention.

Phew, close call. I can't decide: was that good luck or bad luck?

P.S. They also come in a 18k-gold-plated version.


  1. Love them! And they want you to work for them, so that makes me love them even more. Definitely not a bad hex.


  2. Still amazes me that the guy noticed it on the street! Love the earrings though, and hopefully they will bring good luck next time you wear them! At least they make a great story ;)