Monday, January 13, 2014

A Bit Dark

You know those days where nothing goes your way? Everything that can go wrong does, and the result is just being frustrated and cranky? Yup, that was my day yesterday. I realized, as I sat sulking under a wool throw with a cup of tea, that my mood was reflecting my nail polish a bit too closely.

This is OPI Lincoln Park After Dark. It's such a dark, deep purple that it reads almost black. A classic vampy, brooding color that I haven't worn in ages. It has a smooth, creamy formula that is opaque almost with one coat. In fact, I think this is as close to a one-coat polish as anything I've ever used. I like this color on nails that are short or just past the fingertip.

Notice that small chip on the tip of my middle finger (how apropos), that's from fighting with every piece of technology in my home. The Internet was not working correctly, the sound wasn't working right on my TV, and I even had a mishap in the kitchen. Let's just say, it wasn't my day.

Here's to Monday being a bit better, I hope.

Update: I liked this color so much I used it again for my mani the following week as well.

Skinny sweats + OPI Lincoln Park After Dark


  1. One of my favorite colors of all time! Confession: my hubs HATES dark nail polish and I wear it just to tick him off sometimes :) Yes, we're a model of maturity, but whatever.

    1. I love dark colors on my nails. Any time of the year. I hadn't worn LPAD in ages. It just called out to me on Friday.