Sunday, November 24, 2013

Weekend Links

Apparently, my readers want more links. Ask and you shall receive. Enjoy the weekend.

Here are seven articles and videos that you need to see if you haven't done so already:

  1. From WSYR in Syracuse (11/15/2013): "Sherrill Manufacturing bounces back from bankruptcy, looks to restore pride to their product" (regarding former Oneida Limited factory)
  2. From Wall St. Cheat Sheet (11/18/2013): "5 Ways to Shop Made-In-America Style This Holiday Season"
  3. From Racked NY (11/18/2013): "15 of the Best Holiday Pop-Up Shops to Check Out This Season"
  4. From Digital Journal (11/19/2013): "Fashion on the Factory Floor Showcases 50 Made in NYC Designers at Inaugural Holiday Market"
  5. From Spades + Silk (11/19/2013): "Why Made in USA Matters: Grab Your Tissues"
  6. From Fashionista (11/22/2013): "Inside J Brand’s Denim Factory "
  7. From the NY Times (11/22/2013): "Founder of Reddit and the Internet’s Own Cheerleader"
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