Saturday, November 16, 2013

American-Made Weekend Links

Here are nine ten articles you need to see if you haven't already:
  1. From the Chicago Tribune (11/04/2013): "Finding value in 'Made in the USA'"
  2. From the Business Journal (11/05/2013): "Harley-Davidson Street motorcycles to be manufactured in India and U.S."
  3. From Impo magazine (11/06/2013): "5 Manufacturing Trends Shaping the Future of Small Businesses"
  4. From the Washington Times (11/08/2013): "Rambling man: Obama gives short speech, large agenda in New Orleans"
  5. From the NY Daily News (11/11/2013): "Queens now home to four breweries, with two more in the works
  6. From the Epoch Times (11/11/2013): "5 Japanese Urban Legends"
  7. From the U.S. Census Bureau (11/13/2013): "Manufacturing in America" [infographic]
  8. From ABC News (11/13/2013): "Pentagon Ending Buys of Russian-Made Helicopters"
  9. From Complex magazine (11/13/2013): "10 Stylish Items That Prove Americana Is Still Awesome
  10. From the Mother Nature Network (11/14/2013): "10 items you didn't know were made in America
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