Monday, November 25, 2013


Are you ready for December? One of my favorite traditions is having an Advent calendar. Growing up, I have had some really great ones. Some were flat paper with windows, some very artistic and creative, some just silly and fun, some were three dimensional (and involved setting it up on a table), some involved little treats that could be eaten or toys that needed assembling each day.

Even now, as a grownup, I love the countdown to Christmas. This year, I bought the Brooklyn Advent calendar from Etsy seller nouveaudesigns. It depicts a very serene city block of apartment buildings at night, complete with fire escapes and windows. Of course, each window opens up to reveal a little icon of the season. This handmade calendar is made from beautifully textured watercolor paper, white cardstock, and is mounted on thick foam core board.

There are also Paris and Amsterdam versions of this Advent calendar available. Limited runs of 50 for each calendar so get yours soon.


  1. That's a gorgeous Advent Calendar! My Oma used to send my siblings and I an Advent Calendar every year. Anything that counts down to Christmas and has candy in it was a cool thing in my mind when I was a kid.

    1. I just loved the ones with cool illustrations. I still have mine made by illustrator Tasha Tudor.

      Do you have one for this year, Heidi?