Saturday, November 9, 2013

American-Made Weekend Links from Forbes

Today's links post is a little bit different from the ones I've done in the past. I wanted to get a glimpse of how one media outlet publicized the current Made-in-America issues. Today, the media source is Forbes magazine. I've included some of the articles published over the past five months. Such a variety in the viewpoints based on the different contributors, especially in the November articles.

Here are ten articles from Forbes you need to see if you haven't done so already:
  1. From Forbes (07/01/2013): "Why Manufacturing In The U.S. Is Personal"
  2. From Forbes (07/25/2013): "Google's Moto X: There's A Difference Between Made In America And Assembled In America"
  3. From Forbes (08/01/2013): "What's Next For U.S. Manufacturing?
  4. From Forbes (08/29/2013): "Manufacturing Google's Moto X In The U.S. Might Add 0.00008% To The Economy"
  5. From Forbes (09/21/2013): "Manufacturing Returns To The US But The Jobs Don't"
  6. From Forbes (09/25/2013): "If Apple Brought iPhone Manufacturing To The US It Would Cost Them $4.2 billion"
  7. From Forbes (10/30/2013): "How Blue-Collar Carhartt Became An Unlikely Fashion Darling"
  8. From Forbes (11/01/2013): "Japanese Branded Cars: Increasingly Made In America By Americans"
  9. From Forbes (11/03/2013): "Reports Of America's Manufacturing Renaissance Are Just A Cruel Political Hoax"
  10. From Forbes (11/04/2013): "America's Unevenly Distributed Resurgence In Manufacturing Starts In The Shale Fields"
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