Monday, September 2, 2013

Top Posts for August

Hope everyone is having a happy and restful Labor Day. Please don't forget to celebrate American workers by checking out some of the many wonderful things that are made right here in the U.S.A. (I picked up a few things this weekend. On sale.)

As for August, it was my best month yet. It's been great getting to interact more with my readers on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Thank you all for the complimentary comments, feedback, tweets, and emails. A special thanks to those who have been helping to support this blog, especially to my guest bloggers: Eric Gold, Josh Miller, and my husband. You guys rock.

The top five posts for August 2013 are:

5. Zkano Socks: A Review and $50 Giveaway -- I love my Zkano striped socks. Don't forget to enter the giveaway! (It ends later this week)
4. Portland Made, Part II -- Eric Gold of Portland Made, in the two-parter, gives us a peek at some of the stellar creations coming out of Portland, OR.
3. American Metal --  My husband talks heavy metal and recycled metal.
2. Shinola Gives Us the Birdy -- It's hard to decide which of these beautiful Detroit-built Shinola watches I like best. Real hard.
1. Moto X Review -- Josh Miller writes a great review of the first smartphone assembled in America.

Hmm, seems that my guest bloggers were the real stars this month. Should I be concerned?

(Photo of my Stendig calendar.)

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