Friday, September 6, 2013

American-Made Friday Links

First, a thanks to Mrs. American Made for featuring one of my head-to-toe looks on her blog. This is just one example of how my fellow bloggers have been a huge support to me.
Lots of news lately about things American made, especially the NYC fashion industry (most likely spurred on by NYFW).
Here are a dozen articles and videos that you should read and/or watch if you haven't done so already:
  1. From the NY Daily News (08/25/2013): "80 years after Prohibition, New York is seeing more and more distilleries pop up"
  2. From Wired (08/27/2013): "Watch: These NYC Souvenirs Are Actually Made in NYC" [+ video]
  3. From Time (08/28/2013): "Moto X: First U.S.-Made Smartphone Just as Cheap to Produce as Others"
  4. From Daily Finance (08/30/2013): "Made in the USA, Again: 3 Firms Bringing Jobs Home"
  5. From the Epoch Times (08/30/2013): "American-Made Products in Vogue"
  6. From CBS News (08/31/2013): "Made in America: The push to buy locally" [video]
  7. From the Washington Post (09/03/2013): "Is the fashion industry at a social crossroads?"
  8. From Crain's New York (09/03/2013): "City's garment factories get a lift"
  9. From Daily Finance (09/04/2013): "Made in America: More Than Just a Patriotic Concept"
  10. From the NY Times (09/05/2013): "Public School Designers Who Grasped a Helping Hand"
  11. From AdAge (09/05/2013): "Fashion Week Gets Tech Makeover: Models to Carry Moto X on Runway"
  12. From Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine: "Babyspace: Calypso Belle’s nursery" [A look at Cinda B's made in USA nursery]
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  1. I like the one article about how the Moto X will be on the runway with models for Fashion week. And that the Moto X colors can be customized. -Jack A

  2. I looked for your outfit post on Mrs. American Made but I didn't see it. Can you post a direct link?