Monday, September 9, 2013

Back to School!

It's that time of the year: back-to-school season. Over a million NYC public school students start classes today. A happy time for some and a dreaded time for others. Either way, it's been the signal for stocking up on school supplies and new clothes. I decided to get some American-made things for my three-and-a-half-year-old nephew who is in preschool. With some help from his mom (my sister) and my husband, I think I've got quite the back-to-school care package for him.

City Threads is a kids' clothing company that Sarah Mazzone of Made in USA Challenge recommended to me. They carry lots of cool stuff for kids in bright colors and fun prints. What I liked best about their website is that you can search by size as well as gender and type of clothing. Here is what I bought:
  • Watercolor Octopus Tee Shirt (in Caterpillar Green Heather, pictured above)-- My nephew picked this out and I do love the artistic animal graphic. I like that it's interesting without being too commercial.
  • Soft Twill Cargo Pants (in Midnight Blue with Light Gray Stitch)-- These lightweight cotton pants really are soft. The elastic waist makes them easy for little kids to pull on and off themselves.
  • Undies-- A selection of boxer briefs and regular briefs in solid colors, stripes, and prints. I'll spare the details lest I totally embarrass my nephew.
American Apparel is a go-to for me for basics: tees, tanks, leggings, etc. They have things for kids too, most of which are just smaller versions of their adult essentials. All the clothing I bought would be great for a girl or a boy:
  • Tri-Blend Short Sleeve T (in athletic blue and gray)-- I have the same crewneck tees in the slightly bigger Amy size. Love. Read about my love for the tri-blend tees in my brand spotlight.
  • Stretch Over-All Pant (in mouse brown, pictured at the top)-- These tan overalls are soft and can be worn year-round. My husband helped pick these out.
  • Flannel Long Sleeve Button-Up (in red/navy/camel plaid)-- I have a couple of their flannel shirts and love them. These are a slightly thinner fabric than the adult version but still seem like they're cozy. My plaid flannels get worn frequently in the cooler months.

In addition, a couple of other things that I'd think my nephew would like:
  • Liberty Bottleworks Octopapa water bottle (in atomic, pictured above)-- This is a cute, kid-friendly version of the one my husband has and loves. With an octopus like his new shirt, but in a bright orange so it's easily visible. I purchased this with a sport top that can be used in three different ways. (Read my husband's review of his Liberty water bottle).
  • Crayola Crayons (24 count)-- There is little else that's more fun than a fresh box of crayons, right?
I hope he likes all of it and the clothes fit. I think I chose items that are versatile enough to get lots of use and, once he outgrows them, will be something to pass down to his little brother.

(Photos courtesy of American Apparel, City Threads, and Liberty Bottleworks.)


  1. Awww thank you!!! He's going to love it :) He loves coloring, and C loves to eat crayons so that will go over well ;)