Monday, June 24, 2013

I Am the Goldilocks of Cheese Domes

My mom has a wonderful glass cheese dome that I envied for a long time. I set out to find an American-made version for myself. While I did find a few options, they just weren't right. They were either too expensive, too big, too fancy, came with an unnecessary base, or just... not my style. There just didn't seem to be one that fit the bill. I had almost exhausted my more-than-a-year-long search for one made in the USA, when I stumbled upon this version in an unlikely place.

I discovered this 6-inch glass dome from Turners Select via Craft Supplies USA (The Woodturners Catalog). I'm guessing it's meant for people who are interested in woodurning their own base. I, however, think the bases are often superfluous. This dome fits my small plates perfectly; no need for another base to get lost in the cupboard. Overall, it has all the features I wanted: round glass cloche shape, simple design, and unfussy thick glass. And, the best part, it's a fraction of the price of the regular store options. Yes, this is one is just right for me.

The cheese dome is perfect for use with soft cheeses like this Brie I bought at my farmers market (pictured above). The glass enclosure helps the cheese from drying out while being served or being stored in the fridge. Plus, it adds a bit of class to any party table. FYI: Cheeses like this taste best at room temperature or warmed. Don't be afraid to let it rest on the counter or table for a few minutes before enjoying.

P.S. Cheese and Crackers


  1. I've never used a cheese dome. Does cheese last longer in your fridge if you've domed it rather than plastic wrapped it? And yes, cheese should be left at room temp for a good 15 minutes before you eat it, especially a soft cheese like brie.

    1. Sometimes I just put cheese in a Snapware container but I do usually remove it from plastic wrap. It's apparently not good for storing cheeses. The dome is just more convenient for me with soft cheeses.