Friday, May 3, 2013

American-Made Friday Links

Here are seven links that you should read if you haven't already:
  1. From NYTimes Op-Ed (04/26/2013): "How to Build a Spoon"
  2. From Gallup Economy (04/30/2013): "Patriotism, Jobs Primary Motivations for 'Buying American'"
  3. From the Washington Post (04/30/2013): "Editor’s note: The promise of a ‘Made in America’ era"
  4. From Esquire (04/30/2013): "Q&A: Read Wall on American-Made Style"
  5. From CNN Money (05/01/2013): "Shoppers face tough choices over Bangladesh"
  6. From the Washington Post (05/01/2013): "Is U.S. manufacturing making a comeback — or is it just hype?"
  7. From Bloomberg Businessweek (05/02/2013): "Made in NYC: It's Not Just Artisanal Pickle Makers"
Have a great weekend!
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