Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Wish List

American Apparel Unisex Stretch Twill Slim Slack Lite in camel

Here are the top 12 things on my spring wish list for clothing and shoes:
  1. Twill pants in a camel hue. Purchased the American Apparel ones pictured above. Just need to get them hemmed.
  2. Brown Oxford lace-up shoes. I've been eying this pair from Vintage Shoe Company for a while. Purchased! See them here.
  3. White skinny jeans. Yet another pair of AG Stilts, perhaps? Purchased and worn here.
  4. A cross-body purse. I'm all over the place on this one. One minute I want one in a saddle leather, another minute I want one in a black nylon. This Jacki Easlick convertible one is fantastic.
  5. Jeans. Maybe something distressed and/or in slouchy fit. I tried on these and loved them but couldn't bring myself to spend over $200 on a ripped pair of jeans. ::sigh:: Back to the search. Purchased. Yup, you guessed it, this pair of AG Stilt jeans.
  6. Lightweight scarf in a bold color or a floral print. To wear with my army green linen jacket.
  7. Red dress. Purchased! See it here.
  8. Striped dress. Purchased! The sleeveless version I bought may have to wait for summer. I'm hoping, though, there's a really hot day in May to give me reason to break it out before spring's end.
  9. Maxi skirt. I can't decide if I want one in a neutral gray or in something bold, like an emerald green.
  10. Basic striped tee. Can one have too many striped tees? I already have several, including two in a navy stripe, but I love them so much I'd like to have another. I've already scoped out a dozen different options that I like.  I purchased this Amour Vert striped t-shirt dress. Close enough, right?
  11. Sandals in a metallic hue. Purchased! See my new Jack Rogers here and my Sbicca sandals here.
  12. Animal-print flats. I already have a leopard-print pair that I love (not made in the USA), but they are wearing out and I'd like to replace them. I haven't found anything American-made yet that would be a good replacement. If anyone has any good suggestions, please let me know. Purchased these Munro ones. Thanks, Xochil, for the suggestion.
(Photo courtesy of American Apparel.)


  1. I'm obsessed with stripes. I have wayyy too many. One more is never enough.

    1. Ok, so maybe you can help me actually make a decision. Because I am just no good at this decision-making sometimes. Which one? (Or two?)

  2. I bought my first ever maxi skirt last week, but it's been either too windy or too rainy or a combination of the two for me to wear it yet :( I'm not *too* worried, though, because summer is coming and I'll have more than enough chances to wear it then!

  3. Check out these leopard print flats: