Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Holding All the Cards

Besides your run-of-the-mill playing cards, there are lots of different card games available nowadays. I found these four card games at my local drug store, some of which are adaptations of popular games that many would recognize. Card games like these are great because they are portable, easy to play, and fun for all ages.

  • Scrabble Slam! -- This card-game take on the traditional wooden-tile game uses letters to create and build upon four-letter words. Four letters, huh?
  • Phase 10 -- A rummy-like game with 10 different phases. More challenging variations of the rules can be made as well.
  • Yahtzee Hands Down -- Isn't 'Yahtzee' just so fun to say? Adapted from the traditional dice game, but with more player competition in a card-game form.
  • Sorry! Revenge --  A twist on the board-game version that has players vying to get to a count of 21 without getting that dreaded Sorry! card from one of your opponents.
Anyone have any other fun American-made card games that you like playing?

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