Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle

I am not sure when it started, but my mom and I have a tradition of doing a jigsaw puzzle on Christmas. Sometimes they are new and sometimes they are used, found from various places. A second-hand puzzle can be a bit of risk. I like, however, to live dangerously. This year's puzzle was a four-sided 550-piece one from Ceaco (Newton, MA) entitled "Boudoir." It was surprisingly fun and quick, only taking about one glass of wine to finish. Thankfully, no missing or duplicate pieces for this year's Christmas puzzle.

Other companies that make jigsaw puzzles in the USA:

Buffalo Games (Buffalo, NY)
Channel Craft (Charleroi, PA)
Serendipity Puzzles (Milwaukee, WI)
Springbok (Kansas City, MO)
SunsOut (Costa Mesa, CA)
TDC Games (Itasca, IL)
White Mountain Puzzles (Jackson, NH)


  1. man do I love puzzles and a great bottle of wine with it!

    1. Sometimes I feel like the wine-drinking is the key to being good at a puzzle.