Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What's the Scoop?

I don't know how this pint of Ben & Jerry's Vanilla Caramel Fudge ice cream got in my freezer, I swear. Okay... I may have snuck it in there and tucked it behind some frozen peas so my husband wouldn't find it. It made for a great late-night indulgence recently.

I bought this Zeroll 2-oz ice cream scoop after reading a recommendation on the food and kitchen blog The Kitchn. This ice cream scoop really is fabulous. I don't know how they do it but it has some sort of heat-conductive fluid inside that makes scooping even rock-hard ice cream a breeze. Unfortunately, not dishwasher safe. So good, you'll let it slide. Just this once.

The Kitchn: "Zeroll Original 2-Ounce Aluminum Ice Cream Scoop"


  1. We had a similar one growing up. You put it in hot water before scooping and it made it SO easy. Cousin Mario was the one who recommended it. This one is much nicer looking, though. Might have to get one at some point, we've been using a table spoon.

    1. Ooh, I am sure Cousin Mario (owner of gelato business) has all the insider tools.