Thursday, December 13, 2012

Stacking the Cubes

I saw these Dado Cubes in the window of the adorable toy store G. Willikers Toys in Saratoga Springs, NY and knew that it was the perfect gift for my oldest nephew.

My nephew, stacking up the cubes
Not only can they be stacked like regular blocks, they can be nested together and interlocked to create elaborate cantilevered 3-D structures. These cubes have won several awards, get rave reviews from parents and teachers, and are made right here in the United States. Each set comes with 10 cubes of different sizes and colors that can be stacked together to form structures up to 32 inches high.

My younger nephew is really only interested in drooling on them for the time being. Fine by me.
Don't my two nephews make the most adorable models ever?

(Photo credit: my sister, Liz)