Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Top Posts for 2014

Thanks for another great year for The American-Made Guide to Life. This marks my 301st post.

I made a somewhat unconscious decision to post less this year, yet my posts are still true to my goal of writing about the quality things I find and love that are made in America. Although, I know some would like me to post more, I've been having a busy (and successful) year with my paid work and that has been rewarding as well. I think finding that right balance of writing and just doing are always difficult for me. I would love to be able to write more about everything I have and find, but there's just not enough time to be able to do it the way that I would want.

Regardless, thanks for all the kind feedback and steadfast support. I have enjoyed all the personal (virtual and real) connections that this blog has helped me make, the journalistic outlet that blogging has given me, and the reaffirmation that supporting my local craftspeople and makers is making a difference in my community. I hope that the new year brings even more development into American manufacturing, that the support expands, and people continue to see the positive impact of having local production of goods and services. I wish for a 2015 with prosperity, peace, and good health.

On that note, the top five posts for 2014 are:

Emerson Fry, Spring 2014
5. Emerson Fry, Spring 2014 -- You all are apparently as enamored with Emerson's clothing lines as much as I am. Love that even though her fashion brand is expanding, she still keeps most of her manufacturing in NYC.

4. Made in the USA Gift Guides 2014 -- I finally got around to doing some gift guides of my own this year, but also found lots of other great resources for made-in-USA gift ideas. This post summarized it all.

3. American-Made Cold Weather Essentials -- A look at almost 20 of my favorite American-made items to help battle the winter cold. Seems silly with the unseasonal 50ยบ+ temps we had recently in NYC, but I get the feeling these will be coming in handy sooner rather than later. Whatever I didn't own may have made it onto my Christmas wish list.

At the Grand Canyon and in head-to-toe made in USA

2. Bandana Fana Fo Fandana -- This post was inspired by my trip in July to the Grand Canyon National Park. Love my bandana and have since found lots of great design-oriented bandanas that are made in the USA.

1. American-Made Weekend Links -- Hands down, this links post from March is one of the most popular posts of the year. Not sure why this one in particular, but many of my readers have mentioned that they look forward to my monthly-ish round-ups of articles and videos around the web on things relating to American-made.

(Photos: of my Stendig calendar, courtesy of Emerson Fry, of my shearling-lined L.L. Bean boots and B.ella cashmere socks, and of me in the Grand Canyon from my Instagram account.)


  1. 301 posts?! Wow - congratulations! These are all great but I especially love that Grand Canyon photo. Fab!

  2. great post! you have such a lovely blog! that ast post looks really interesting, i'll have to check it out!