Monday, September 29, 2014

Batting (Not So) Average

Baseball fans are either disappointed or excited this time of year. The post-season can be a roller coaster. Locally, New York Yankees fans are mourning the retirement of Derek Jeter. Los Angeles is getting a double dose of playoff mania. These bats are so design-worthy, I personally think they'd be a hit even in the off-season.

The colorful Mitchell Bat Co. baseball bats are just beautiful. The shape, the stripes, the historic color combinations, and the great modern twist on an American classic. The company is less than a year old and already getting lots of great press and exposure, including being a 2014 finalist in the Martha Stewart American-Made awards.

Mitchell Bat No. 15

Mitchell Bat No. 18

Founder and owner Jeremy Mitchell was inspired by the designs from a local skateboard company. The baseball bats are handcrafted and hand-painted in Nashville, made to order from solid maple, and portions from each bat's sale go to MLB's RBI program which helps fund baseball programs in inner cities. Custom orders are also an option.

In addition to several versions of their baseball bats, Mitchell Bat Co. also sells some classy baseball accessories:

"Nashville" navy blue wool felt pennant. Old school.

LEMON BALL baseball (from Leather Head Sports). Based on the one used in vintage base ball, made from Horween leather and waxed linen thread. Slightly smaller than today's regulation baseball.

Handmade cowhide leather bat hanger.

Read more about Jeremy Mitchell and the story behind Mitchell Bat Co. from Jeans & Ties: "Behind Mitchell Bat Co."

(Photos and info courtesy of Mitchell Bat Co.)