Saturday, September 6, 2014

American-Made Weekend Links

The latest news regarding the Made in America Movement: small-batch whiskey, counterfeit products, luxury linens, outdoor gear, women's handbags from Shinola, power suits, Brooklyn-made, Made in USA e-commerce, national parks, why more clothing might be American-made, and why 'made in China' could be in decline.

Here are 15 articles and videos you need to see if you haven't already:

  1. From Business Insider (07/21/2014): "Inside The Brooklyn Factory That Makes Suits For America's Most Powerful Men" [photos] -- tour of Martin Greenfield Clothiers
  2. From Daily Finance (07/29/2014): "9 Brands Made in America for Summertime Fun
  3. From Apparel (07/29/2014): "It Says Made in USA, But Is It Really?" -- article by All-American Clothing's Boomer Beam.
  4. From NPR's The Salt (07/30/2014): "Why Your 'Small-Batch' Whiskey Might Taste A Lot Like The Others" [+ audio]
  5. From the NYT Magazine (07/31/2014): "An E-Commerce Emporium for Locally Made Goods" -- about MadeClose
  6. From Elements of Style blog (08/04/2014): "A Visit to the Matouk Factory" -- great photo tour of the Matouk linens factory in Fall River, MA
  7. From Fashionista (08/06/2014): "How U.S. Watchmaker Shinola Plans to Break Into Women's Handbags in 2015
  8. From the LA Times (08/10/2014): "American Apparel, others try to profit from domestic production
  9. From National Parks Traveler (08/11/2014): "Made In America: National Park Concessionaires Offering More Items Made In America"
  10. From CNBC (08/19/2014): "Why the 'Made in China' model is weakening
  11. From Brooklyn Buzz Blog (08/19/2014): "Chamber Announces First Group of Products to be Certified Brooklyn Made
  12. From Daily Finance (08/25/2014): "Made in America? Why More of Your Clothes Soon Might Be"
  13. From ABC News 'Made in America' series (08/27/2014): "US Companies Take Fight Against Counterfeiters in Own Hands" [+ video]
  14. From Marketplace (09/01/2014): "What, exactly, does 'Made in the USA' mean?"
  15. From Forbes (09/02/2014): "American Manufacturing Is Alive And Well, There's No Need To Try And Save It"
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