Thursday, April 24, 2014

Putting Away Winter

I took the opportunity while I was on a spring beach vacation to send all my heavy wool and cashmere knitwear to get professionally cleaned. This past weekend, I happily tucked them away in my underbed storage. Ta-ta winter!

Along with my socks and scarves, these sweaters and knits will stay fresh thanks to some new cedar blocks. American-grown and American-made of renewable, Eastern Red Aromatic Cedar from Cedar America, they naturally absorb moisture and protect from moth holes. Unlike moth balls, cedar has a pleasant aroma, is environmentally safe, and is long-lasting (refreshed by lightly sanding each year). I got this 8-pack from my local home improvement store, but Kohl's is having an online sale right now on all Cedar America cedar items including sachets, shoe trees, shoe racks, flat shelving blocks, hanging block sets, coat hangers, suit hangers, pants hangers, skirt hangers, and a 24-pack of cedar blocks.


Spotted above: Amour Vert cable knit sweaterEmerson Fry lilac raglan sweater, and one of my 2011 Pendleton Portland Collection Harding scarves.

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  1. I used those cedar blocks all over my closet!

  2. Ooh, I've got to get some of those cedar blocks! I should also start putting away my winter stuff ;)

    1. I am amazed I did as early as I did. Usually I procrastinate. This year, however, I was really in need of the cold weather clothing to be out of sight.