Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How to Cook Everything

This is a post where I spout things about how Mark Bittman is a demi-God. His bible cookbook, How to Cook Everything (or HCTE, for those of us in the know), is the one that I could not live without.
Naming a cookbook How to Cook Everything is a tall order. (Kind of like naming a blog The American-Made Guide to Life, I guess.) But, this one really does cover most of the bases. No, really, I think most basic foods are in there. Contained within are easy-to-follow, simple recipes that taste great. Not fussy and utilize a minimum of ingredients and time. Bittman also adds nice variations for many recipes (à la "12 More Ways to Make Chicken Exciting"), meal ideas, the tools you'll need, and ways in which to serve dishes.

I think what I love most about HTCE is that is equally as useful for the novice cook as it is for people who are more comfortable around the kitchen. The recipes are not intimidating but allow for a lot of interesting embellishments if one feels the need. The recipes range from as simple as boiling an egg to as intricate as baking holiday cookies. Bittman's no-nonsense advice about cooking is thoughtful and I like that he makes a big deal about simple dishes (they don't call him the Minimalist for nothing). There's a reason why this one is an award winner.

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