Monday, April 14, 2014

American-Made Monday Links

Some news from across the globe about things made in the USA over the past few weeks: an ecofriendly company that pays $17/hr minimum wage, a football player whose accessories line is American-made, a beautiful series of photos of textile factories, one online retailer's public commitment to slow fashion, Governor Cuomo hosts summit on New-York-made beverages, Tesla cars, matzo (just in time for Passover), helicopters, breast implants, and more. Not necessarily in that order.

Here are a dozen articles and videos you need to see if you haven't already:

  1. From ABC News (03/30/2014): "'This Week': Made in America" [+video] -- the newest installment of ABC's Made in America series, about whether American manufacturing is making a comeback.
  2. From Fox Business (04/02/2014): "Made-in-America Company Paying 17-per-Hour Minimum Wage" [+video]
  3. From the Philadelphia Inquirer (04/02/2014): "Brent Celek's Revisit fashion accessories, made in the USA"
  4. From Market Wired (04/04/2014): "Learn How One American Manufacturer Is Fighting to Keep Jobs in the USA"
  5. From (04/04/2014): "Building a business on safe and U.S. made
  6. From the NY Daily News (04/07/2014): "Donohue: Racy subway ads for breast augmentation shock riders, confuse kids"
  7. From the Daily Mail (04/07/2014): "STILL made in the USA (just): America's last surviving textile factories are captured in mesmerizing behind-the-scenes photos" -- gorgeous photos
  8. From Zady (04/09/2014): "Taking a Stand"
  9. From (04/09/2014): "Governor Cuomo Hosts Second New York State Wine, Beer, Spirits and Cider Summit"
  10. From the Wall Street Journal (04/10/2014): "Where the Matzo's Made in New York"
  11. From Entrepeneur (04/10/2014): "Is It Time to Call Tesla the Future of Made In America? Not Quite."
  12. From the CT Post (04/11/2014): "American-made helicopters are the answer"
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