Friday, February 8, 2013

Tangled Up in Plaid Flannel

American Apparel William plaid flannel

This American Apparel plaid flannel shirt has become a staple for me this fall/winter. I have it in both the William and Sir Robert flannel plaids. It's a thick cotton flannel, perfect for when the temperature goes below freezing. Wear it with everything from a pair of jeans to a sequin skirt. Oh, and it's unisex so even the guys can get in on the flannel-plaid-shirting fun. Watch out, Seattle.

(Photo by my husband, Dan)


  1. American Apparel is always adding new items. If I can't find certain clothing items made in the USA, there is always American Apparel to fall back upon. -Jack A

    1. It's been a great source for me, at least for basics. My husband is not as into their stuff, however.

  2. I love my American Apparel flannel! It gets softer every time I wash it.