Thursday, February 21, 2013

Made in America: Fashion’s Fight to Save the Garment District - Time

Two great recent pieces from Time magazine. The first is a spotlight of The Garment District and a nice discussion of U.S. clothing manufacturing. The second is an interesting photo tour of the step-by-step garment production for Nanette Lepore in NYC.

Time, : "Made in America: Fashion’s Fight to Save the Garment District"
Time, : "Made in Manhattan: The Anatomy of a Garment"

I wonder if the author was inspired by my post last week?

(Photo courtesy of Save the Garment Center.)


  1. Fantastic Post. I loved the Anatomy of a Garment. It makes you feel that you can start out doing this yourself. I was In New york City in October 2011, and I was looking for the garment district on my trip, but I never felt that I actually found it. On the first article, the Times reported, erroneously, that the US makes 3% of its garments. The math says it is only 2.3% based on the link he provided. -Jack A.

    1. That photo tour is just cool, isn't it? I love the quiet chaos that is in most of the workspaces shown. It looks like a lot of creativity goes down in that frenzy.