Friday, February 22, 2013

Lollacups: Stateside Sippies!

Today's post is from guest blogger Holly Crider. She is an educational researcher, a consultant for Tastefully Simple, and the author of When Two Became Four where you can follow along with her adventures of raising twin girls.

Lollacups, in pink and orange
As a mom of twins, we go through sippy cups like Kim Kardashian goes through, well, anything really. It seems like we're always in a love/hate relationship with various sippies. When Amy contacted me and asked if I would like to try Lollacup sippy cups, I was so excited to give these a shot.

Lollacups are made in the USA and are BPA free. Win win right there! I like the fact that the packaging isn't really plastic-y and it was easy to put together! Not only is it responsibly produced, but it is very well-made. Natalie is in a throwing stage, and one hard throw against the refrigerator didn't harm this cup at all!

As a parent, I love how it the retractable lid hides the straw and keeps it sanitary. The handles on the side makes it easy to hold and the straw is easy to take a part and reassemble after washing. It even comes with a tiny brush if the straw gets a little gunky. I can definitely appreciate that detail.

Lollacup is a wonderful cup that is American-made, easy for a mom of twins to maneuver, gets the toddler approval for both accessibility to milk and inability to destruct, and it's just so gosh-darn adorable. I'd definitely check these out and get some more! They have a ton of colors!!

You can find Lollacups at various store locations near you or visit their online store.

Thanks, Holly!


  1. Hi Holly,

    I've been thinking about getting Lollacups for my 17 month old. But the reviews on Amazon scare me. Lots of stories in the 3 star reviews about leaking and breaking easily if tossed. My daughter is way into shaking and chucking her cups. What is your experience with leaks and fragility.

    I'm glad to have a real life person that has used the cups answer! Thanks.

    1. Saw this comment and had to reply! I am a huge fan of the Lollacup. Bought one for my daughter when she was 23 months old. From my experience, the cup is very durable. I've had no problems with anything breaking. As far as leaks go, Lollacup does a great job of addressing the issue:

      "Lollacup straw sippy cups are valve-free, so they are not spill-proof. Although having a spill-proof cup with active toddlers is sometimes convenient, our aim at lollacup is to eliminate unnecessary challenges for our children. We’ve found that spill-proof straw and sippy cups can be incredibly difficult to drink from, causing frustration for many children. Our goal, in creating lollacup, was to make drinking from a straw easy for young children." (

      I totally agree! Hope this helps.

  2. I own a daycare and have 8 Lollacups! They do leak, because they are valve free. I figure leaking is not a major concern for me, as I make sure the kids keep their cup upwards anyways. I only give them the cups while they are sitting and the children know they sit on the table when they are done. Crisis adverted! Also they do break if dropped from a height. My daughter dropped hers from her highchair, attached to a bar stool so above the average height of a normal chair, and it was full.. full full! It broke. I went on Twitter to see if @lollacup would be able to send me a replacement part for a fee, and they sent me a new cup, FREE. Their customer service is FANTASTIC! That is why I am willing to dish out the $$ and make the investment in these cups!

  3. Thanks, willowluv and Courtney, for your feedback.

    Rebekah, if you want to contact Holly directly, you can try reaching her through her blog or email me directly.

  4. That is great stuff to know about their customer service. Even the sippy cups with valves leak. Every single cup we have ever tried leaks in some way. I guess I am more concerned about the cups being fragile. We call my daughter GirlZilla for a reason. But if they are a company that willing to cooperate, then it is worth the investment.

    Thanks for the feedback!